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To Ocean Township West Park (Community) Center

The Ocean Township West Park Avenue Community Center is located in Ocean, New Jersey, nominally at 615 West Park Avenue.  In fact, it is at the end of Louise Weltz Lane (at Weltz Park) and just to the right.

Parking is limited (check around the side of the building) but parking for the pool and tennis courts (turning left at sign partway up the Lane) appears to serve as an overflow.

From the West

From the West (coming from Rte 35, Rte 18, Wayside Road or Hope Road) Louise Weltz Lane is the left turn just after the sign.  Although it is not evident in the photos below, there is a left turn lane.

From the East
From the East (coming from Monmouth Road) Louise Weltz Lane is the right turn just before the sign.


Approaching the lane from either side you will see a sign for 615 West Park Avenue.  For the Community ("Rec") Center, continue to the end of the Lane and turn right.

If that parking is full, the parking area to the left may be available for overflow parking. 

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